Appenzell Alps, Switzerland - photo from paraglider by Jonathan Kloberdanz


We are a group of young filmmakers dedicated to make the world a better place.

The idea for Good Karma Films began in 1999 when two brothers, David and Jonathan, started shooting their adventures kayaking across the Western United States. Since then, they have spent the last 15 years shooting films around the world. David is a seasoned writer and editor while Jonathan focuses his energy on directing and cinematography. These brothers are inspired by their adventures in Nature and they believe in the good heartedness of humanity.

Good Karma films are varied but tend to emphasize topics such as art, music, architecture, energy, climate change, spirituality, environmental and social justice.

We are passionate about storytelling and using new tools of the trade including virtual reality, 360 degree cameras, 4K, 5K, High Definition and time-lapse photography.