Daniel Kelly Brown is an award winning Colorado based multi-media artist, focusing on ultra high resolution digital cinematography.  Born in Aspen, Dannyhas worked and played among many of the professionals of adventure sports.  Danny's camera is always there on the adventures, often in high-altitude and extreme weather conditions.  Danny is dedicated to his art-form, from the the Internet generation, with over a decade of experience in the field in all things multi-media.  Danny is passionate about understanding the tools of film-making, including motion controlled time-lapse photography, live animation, steady-cam operation and all flavors of post-production and communication technologies.  With the art-form of film-making constantly evolving, Danny is at the forefront of a wave of new methodology for creating the most beautiful motion picture images possible, his collection.  Danny has gained a large following online by sharing his experimental independent films and is a valued team-player on various commercial and documentary projects spanning the globe.