Highlights: Jonathan Kloberdanz is a freelance filmmaker with 15 years experience as a cinematographer and editor, contributing to numerous award winning documentary feature films, television news segments and independently produced hundreds of short-form educational films.

Latest Project: Jonathan spoke at TEDx in Athens Greece in the Fall of 2016 on his work shooting a feature film on the Syrian refugee crisis. Jonathan worked as cinematographer on this one-year project shot on-location in numerous locations within Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, Malta and Dubai.

Internationally, Jonathan has extensive experience working on films in remote locations and excels at connecting with crew and characters across cultures world-wide. Jonathan was cinematographer in Haiti directly after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. Since then, he has returned to Haiti for documentary productions and taken on various projects globally, including Ghana, Rwanda and South Africa.

Domestically, Jonathan has 7 years experience shooting short-form documentaries on energy industry affects on the environment across the Western United States from small aircrafts. This unique access to documenting coal power plants, natural gas fields, mining fields, wild-fires, river systems and sensitive wild-life regions via aerial and on-the-ground footage, Jonathan contributed to hundreds of broadcast media channels and feature films.

Jonathan is currently a film director and maintains his role as Director of Productions at Ignite Channel in San Francisco.